Magentic Rubber Pin Backings

Magentic Rubber Pin Backings

These are magentic rubber pin backings we are one of the distributors of the Offical Magentic Backer Design.

Want to use a pin as an fridge magnet or use an magentic pin board?

This is the perfect option for you!

There are 2 colors you can order from at this time. Black & Lavender there are no Mix & Match color options at this time.

Each backing is
5mm (pin end)
10 mm long
8 mm (Magnet end)

If interested in Bulk ordering send an email to for more information!

  • BLACK 2 Pack ( 4 backings)
    247 available 99%
  • LAVENDER 2 pack ( 4 Backings )
    249 available 100%