If your order includes a Pre-order item they will all be shipped out simultaneously. 

Production Trello: TRELLO LINK

For Shipping & Fullfillment Updates 

Why is it taking so long?

COVID-19 & Shortages all around make these processes a lot slower, sometimes things come very quickly while the rest is stuck in transit or production mishaps outside of our control. We will send updates as much as possible! 

Why can't you ship out the in-stock items and then wait for the pre-order item?

This would be double the shipping costs but ensures your full order will get to you. Instead of possibly risking the chances of the mail getting lost.


Why don't you Ship to -my Location- ?

We try to be able to make accomindations but due to VAT & Missing packages (outside of our control) & Higher Shipping prices we tend to avoid this. We have made accomindations before reach out first to see if we can make it happen. 

If not it's highly recomended to have someone/friend order it for you in the locations where the item is available to ship to

Fulfillment Questions

BigCartel says my order is being delivered/on its way!

It is and it isn't when you purchase the shipping labels it tends to send an email to you this message. This means that we have started to pack orders though Dropoff days usually are on Tuesday of each week or ASAP w/smaller packages that can fit in a local pickup mailbox.

Why did this come in an Amazon/etc box?

We believe in trying to re-use as much as we can, so sometimes an order that doesn't fit our standard packaging may be in a re-purposed box


Why are my Charms Scratched?

It's most likely not scratched at all there is a double sided film sent on every charm we recomend peeling it off if you don't want to see the scratches that was caused during production.